How To Be Healthy

Hey everyone, it’s T. Now, I don’t always like to eat all of my vegetables like I’m suppose to, but brownies don’t make for the best bikini body. It’s not always fun to be healthy, but it is necessary. I’ve been working on keeping my body in better shape this year, and I wanted to share a few things I’ve been doing to get to the best place possible for my well-being.

     Eating is a big part in staying healthy. To keep my eating in check I’ve found it helpful to track my calories. I like to use an app on my phone called LoseIt. All I need to do is scan the bar code or type in what I’m eating, and it will tell me the calories and nutrients are, and it just gives me a clear indicator of how much I should eat a day, and keeps me from overeating. You should also eat lots of fruits and vegetables throughout the day, because even if chips are within your daily number of calories doesn’t mean they are a good choice. Go for the foods you can get from nature rather than a bag.

     I enjoy playing tennis and volleyball as a way to stay fit. I usually do volleyball in the summer, fall, and winter, and tennis in the spring, so I’m active most of the year. When I don’t play sports, I try to get to the gym to run and use some of the equipment. This is a lot of commitment, and this is not the only way to keep healthy at all. The most important thing to remember is to just find something you can enjoy doing and make it a part of your weekly routine. Keeping active is a great way to be at your best.

     Another way I keep healthy is by drinking as much water as possible. Water clears skin, helps headaches, aids in weight loss, and is overall good in every aspect. You can find other ways to get enough fluids like adding flavoring or drinking tea, because plain water gets boring sometimes. 8 glasses of water a day will certainly provide a positive difference in your life.

     There are obviously many other ways to improve your health, but these are just a few that have had an effect on helping my body. Find what works for you, we don’t all have the time or money to go vegan and be at the gym 6 hours a day, but every little bit counts. Feel free to leave questions or comments below, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for reading!
Ciao for now, T


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