Tips for Using Facemasks

Hey everyone, it’s P. I know you probably can’t believe that I’m posting yet again about skincare. However, T inspired me to make this post when she asked me for advice regarding a face mask she was using. She wanted to know if she should use her face mask the night before or the day of her event, and honestly I didn’t know the answer. I did some quick research and was able to answer T’s question. As someone who enjoys skin care very much, it’s important to me that people know the correct way to take care of their own skin. Please enjoy the list of tips I’ve compiled, hope they help!

  • Deep cleansing is extremely important for your skin. If done correctly, it can reduce acne and leave your skin feeling brand new. It is important to do some deep cleansing about every two weeks, but to do it too often will do more harm than good to your skin. The plus side of deep cleansing is that it will clear your pores of all oil, bacteria, dirt, and dead cells. However, clearing your pores like this will leave them vulnerable. Do not apply makeup after a cleaning like this. The fresh pores will clog easily and likely lead to new break outs. 
  • Moisturizing masks should probably also be used the night before an event. The moisturizing ingredients within need time to be allowed to work. When applied too soon before your event, they will not be given a chance to work properly. This is a definite rule for those of you with oily skin, though some of you with dry skin may find that instant relief a good way to start the morning. 
  • The mask T wanted to use was a brightening mask. These masks are simply used to give your skin a healthy glow. They’ll make your skin look young and vibrant, but like all good things, the end comes too quickly. It’s best to use these masks the day of your special event for a radiant look to last all day. 
  • Now that I’ve told you when to use certain masks, I’ll give you the how. Sheet masks are straghtforward enough, simply lay it on your skin for the directed amount of time. Peels, clay mask, and other facials though should be applied cautiously. Using for fingers can result in the spread of bacteria, so it may be best to find a brush (even a cheap one would work fine. I’ve seen girls in tutorials mix up facemasks and then simply use the back of their spoon to apply it!). Another advantage of using an applicator rather than your fingers is that you’ll end up using less of your mask. 
  • Another tip to help your pores does not just apply to luxurious face masks, but to every time you wash your face. Be sure to rinse your face using warm water, and then when you’re sure there’s no more cleanser on your face, splash your face with cold water. The cold water will close your pores before they can get clogged, therefore preventing breakouts!

I hope you can use some of these tips in the future. Proper skin care is so important to our health and to your  outward appearance. If you don’t have the best skin, please don’t stress; we all have those days!

xx, P 


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