My Birthday List

Hey everyone! M here, and today I am going to be sharing with you my birthday list. As my birthday draws closer and closer (only a little over a month away!!), I am questioned by my family and friends over what I am wishing to receive. Every year, I find it to be a large struggle to compile a list of things I want, and always look for inspiration anywhere I can find it, (Pinterest anyone?). To help you all possibly save some birthday list stress, here is some inspiration:

  1. Kiel James Patrick anchor hat in red
  2. J Crew Factory striped ruffle sleeve t-shirt in navy
  3. J Crew Factory striped linen off the shoulder top in blue
  4. DVD of Pearl Harbor
  5. Marley Lilly Stainless Steele Monogrammed Vacuum Bottle in lavender
  6. J Crew Factory Mixed Media Sunglasses
  7. Polo Ralph Lauren pink oxford
  8. Jack Rogers Baldwin sneaker in Fire Coral
  9. J Crew Factory gemstone cluster necklace
  10. DVD of Pretty Woman

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I really hope that I was able to provide a little inspiration for you, and be sure to like, comment and follow!


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